The Keenan Case Presentation System

The Keenan Case Presentation System is an extremely valuable tool for law firms to quickly and easily create a detailed and incredibly effective case presentation. The Keenan Law Firm has developed this software over the course of two decades of first-hand experience. Let us save your firm time and money by using the Keenan Case Presentation System today.

Case Presentations Simplified

Perhaps the most important feature of the Keenan Case Presentation System is the inherent ability to simplify the entire process of preparing any case presentation. Through templates, and the ability to customize your presentation based on years of experience, KCPS is here to take the busy work out of the equation so you can focus on the most important aspects of your client’s story.


Create Visually Engaging Presentations

The Keenan Case Presentation System enables you to quickly create engaging and effective case presentations for your practice.

Case Specific Slides

With our proven case templates, you won’t only have a visually effective story, you’ll have a method to consistently create presentations that feature just the right information and graphics.


Words Tell. Pictures Sell.

There’s a lot of truth to the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Visuals help you tell a story quickly, capture your audience’s attention, strengthen impact and evoke emotion. When it comes to storytelling, visuals are vital. This is especially true when telling the story of your case.


KCPS templates will change the way you think about case presentations forever.

Tell your client’s story with dynamic visual presentation, all while saving you time.


Seamlessly generate your presentations through KCPS.


Our new and improved case timeline is something you will wish you’ve always had.


Easily incorporate virtually any type of media in your presentation.


Our templates have everything you need to effectively present any case.


Apple iPad Compatible


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