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The Keenan Case Presentation System is an extremely valuable tool for law firms to quickly and easily create a detailed and incredibly effective case presentation. The Keenan Law Firm team has developed this software over the course of two decades of first-hand experience. Let us save your firm time and money by purchasing the Keenan Case Presentation System today.

Getting Started

Learn more about how to get started, with a walk-through introduction to the Keenan Case Presentation System. Our intuitive interface and menu system only takes a few seconds to understand. From choosing a case deck to filling out the individual case specific slides, we show you how to get started using KCPS.

Generating Presentation Files

Once you are ready to generate a PowerPoint presentation file, it’s as easy as the click of a button.

Using the Case Specific Timelines

Learn how to format your case presentation to be as effective as possible through the use of case specific templates.

Generating Presentations

Aside from the obvious benefits from KCPS, there’s a few not-so-noticeable features that can be quite helpful.

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